LTL Services

For cargo shipments that do not require a full 48 or 53 foot trailer, we offer less-than-truckload, or LTL, services.  This option can be cost-effective when a customer only needs to ship a smaller amount of products.

ltl-trucking-for-small-loadsLTL Equipment

Our trucking equipment options for  LTL transport are the same as for full truckload.  We can transport dry or refrigerated.

LTL Packaging

Products must be packaged and labeled according to the Department of Transportation standards.  These standards protect against damage to the cargo and products, persons, and the environment.  The products must be packaged properly prior to pickup.

LTL Rates

LTL rates are determined by weight, class, and pickup / delivery locations.  There may be fees for additional required services.

A fuel surcharge is added on top of the line haul.  This is the cost of fuel associated with the delivery, the distance between the shipper and the receiver.  Fuel surcharges change in fluctuation with fuel barrel costs.

The base rate and transit is based on a load, the volume of LTL shipment if it occupies more than 12 feet of trailer space and/or more that 8,000 pounds.

Additional required services may include lift-gate delivery or call-ahead notification.  These accessorial charges may be separate line items costs or included as a percentage of the weight of the cargo.


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