Rail Intermodal

Railroad networks are a reliable lower cost alternative to traditional truck transportation.  It is a secure, cost-effective and flexible mode of transportation that has technologically advanced in the world of intermodal logistics allowing shipments to be nearly or just as fast as truckload shipping. Railways, being immune to economic and seasonal patterns, i.e., severe winter weather or trucking companies that go out of business in hard times, provides reliable delivery that otherwise might be delayed.


We Serve Ramps:

– Union Pacific – Lathrop California Rail Ramp

– BNSF  – Stockton California Rail Ramp

We service from these ramps to California, Nevada and Oregon.

What are the benefits to intermodal transport?

– Increases your product distribution savings

– Reduces operating cost and fuel usage

– Rail transport provides a set schedule for a more predictable supply chain solution

– Offers options for inbound and outbound transportatioin in major markets

– Resolves capacity issues due to CSA and hour of service regulations for truck drivers

– Environmentally friendly since each train takes 280 trucks off the road

– Reduces companies’ carbon footprints

Reliable Rail Transport

Intermodal Benefits

Cost Benefits